With this customized design, the figurine will look and dress like the picture provided.

STEP 1 - Submit your order and upload your pictures.

Include the picture you want to recreate,  a close-up picture of front face and profile showing the person's right or left side of the face. 

Be aware we don't print the background of the picture.

STEP 2 -After the figurine is designed we will send you the computer render for revision. 

Personalized Custom Design 3D Printed Figurine from a Picture.


PetitMe Petit are made of gypsum powder using a 3D-printing process we call Gypsum Powder Binding. Gypsum figurines have the look and feel of a ceramic object without the glazing. While Gypsum is a great material for full-color figurines with a realistic look, one must keep in mind that it is a very brittle material (like ceramics) that will easily break on impact. Depending on the shape of your Petit, it may break even if tipped over a hard surface.


Please be very cautious when handling your petit to avoid breaking it. PetitMe makes no warranties regarding the durability of any 3D-printed figurine, and shall not be responsible to replace or repair broken or damaged figurines.


Clean your Petit with a dry lint-free cloth. Do not let it get wet. Water will damage the structure and the finish of your Petit.


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