PetitMe is very proud to offer a new and exciting way of celebrating life’s special moments. 

This Running Man Figurine makes a memorable gift for your sporty father or son, friend, boyfriend or runnuing team partner. Great idea to use the figurine as a winning award for a running competition. You also can put a logo of the competition, club or sport academy on the shirt and the name tag on the stand.

Runner Man Figurine

Additional Accessory

Our Figurine is made of gypsum powder using a 3D-printing process we call Gypsum Powder Binding. Gypsum figurines have the look and feel of a ceramic object without the glazing.


Gypsum is a great material for full-color figurines with a realistic look. However, one must keep in mind that it is a very brittle material (like ceramics) that will easily break on impact. Depending on the shape of your Figurine, it may break even if tipped over a hard surface. Please be very cautious when handling your Figurine to avoid breaking it. PetitMe makes no warranties regarding the durability of any 3D-printed Figurine, and shall not be responsible to replace or repair broken or damaged figurines.


Please also note that all Figurines printed by PetitMe are solely intended for decorative purposes. Users shall be aware that they have no utilitarian or functional purpose and shall not be treated as toys. PetitMe shall not be held liable for any damages or losses resulting from any use of Figurines made by PetitMe other than decorative.


Clean your Figurine with a dry lint-free cloth. Do not let it get wet. Water will damage the structure and the finish of your Petit.


Copy 2018 © Purple Flame LLC. Petitme is a global brand for 3D printed figurines

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