Store Policy


Uses and Services


PetitMe offers a variety of services to Users. For example, Users can:


• browse through the Catalog of figurine characters on display on our Website;

• customize characters online and see the results of their customization displayed on their screens;

• upload Headshots and other images to the Website;

• order figurines;

• click on the link to other websites.


Some of the services offered by PetitMe, for example, the online customization of figurine characters is free of charge. A charge applies only if the User chooses to place an order for the figurine.



Your Petit figurine will usually ship within 2-3 weeks. Shipping cost depends on your location and on the weight of your order.

During the checkout process, you will be advised of the shipping charges that are applicable to your order. The total amount you pay for your order (not the price displayed for each object) includes shipping charges to your shipping address.

Products are shipped to you by a third-party shipping company, typically USPS, UPS or FedEx.


We ship to many countries, but when you order a product to be shipped to an address outside the United States, you are responsible for all import procedures and costs, which are not included in our shipping fee and are not the responsibility of the shipping company.


Order Cancellation, Returns, Refunds - no warranty 


1) PetitMe employs 3D modeling software to create figurines (Petit) whose head and/or full body resembles that of a person whose photos of their faces and/or body (Headshots) are uploaded to our Website or otherwise by users (Users) as part of the figurine customization process. We believe the results to be quite satisfactory in terms of resemblance — and sometimes quite remarkable.

However, we cannot guarantee or warrant any particular level of likeness, which is a subjective matter. Given the highly customized nature of our figurines, we are not able to accept any returns or offer any refunds for any reason whatsoever, including but not limited to perceived lack of likeness or resemblance to the Headshots submitted or the actual person.


2). A Petit is made out of gypsum powder using a 3D-printing process we call Gypsum Powder Binding. Gypsum figurines have the look and feel of a ceramic object without the glazing.Gypsum is a great material for full-color figurines with a realistic look. However, one must keep in mind that it is a very brittle material (like ceramics) that will easily break on impact. Depending on the shape of your Figurine, it may break even if tipped over a hard surface. Please be very cautious when handling your PetitMe to avoid breaking it.


PetitMe makes no warranties regarding the durability of any 3D-printed figurine, and shall not be responsible to replace or repair broken or damaged figurines.


3) Any Petit figurine printed by PetitMe is solely intended for decorative purposes. Users shall be aware that they have no utilitarian or functional purpose and shall not be treated as toys.


PetitMe shall not be held liable for any damages or losses resulting from any use of figurines made by PetitMe other than decorative.

4) PetitMe carries no inventory of pre-manufactured products. Every figurine we sell is created and printed to order according to the customization selections of the User – it is a highly customized product which generally has no use whatsoever to another person or customer.


Due to such custom/personalized nature of our products, we do not accept any order cancellation once an order is confirmed and the production preparation starts. For the same reason, we do not accept any returns and do not offer any refunds for any reason whatsoever.







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